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Garrett Mann


DRE# 02019705

Garrett Mann is a licensed Realtor with Security Pacific Real Estate. Garrett grew up in Pinole, CA and developed an interest in real estate during his first year at UC Davis. He was most intrigued at the prospect of helping people achieve their dreams of owning a home. Garrett knew that with his strong work ethic and attention to detail, he would provide unparalleled customer service. He obtained his real estate license soon after earning his degree in Managerial Economics. As a Bay Area local, Garrett has a keen familiarity with the best schools, restaurants, shops, and neighborhoods in the Bay Area. Garrett knows where to find the best real estate listings for his clients looking to buy a home. He is also an expert when it comes to guiding clients through the process of selling a home. Garrett has surrounded himself with accomplished leaders in the real estate industry. This has allowed him to gain decades of knowledge and experience in a much shorter amount of time than most. Garrett works tirelessly to establish an exceptional standard for his clients. His proven track record shows that his clients are in good hands! In his free time, Garrett is the drummer of Chronic Vitality, an exciting rock and roll band from Pinole, CA. He and his brother formed the band in 2010 and continue to perform. They have toured in different states and have released two original albums. Garrett also enjoys golfing and is a big sports fan.

I highly recommend Garrett Mann, such an amazing realtor making this process simple and fast by making himself readily available 7 days a week! He is by far the most trusting, honest, and a great pleasure to work with!

by Kristina

My daughter & I met Garrett when my daughter was looking for a home to buy. I called Security Pacific & we got hooked up with Garrett as our Realtor. He is the nicest,most honest,professional & patient person one could meet. We told Garrett her price range(after getting pre-approved)& what she was looking for in a home. So with that in mind he would send us listings of what he thought we might be interested in. We would either tell him no, not interested;please keep looking or yes that one looks good could we make an appointment to see it. After looking at just 2 homes, she fell in love with the 2nd one. He worked with us throughout the entire process. He answered every question we had, was always available no matter what time or day it was. From the time she made the decision to put a bid on it the process went very quick with Garrett calling us everyday or every week informing us what was to happen next. The loan closed in less than a month & she now LOVES her new place!! Thanks to Garrett who made it happen & with no stress at all. We would both recommend him to everyone & anyone who is in the market of buying a house. I can say we now have a new friend for life! Thank you Garrett Mann!

by Maria & Kristina

Garrett took all the hard work and stress out of buying a home. He kept good communication with me through the entire process and kept me updated on new listings that would work for me as they came. He was very flexible with my schedule since I work long hours weekdays as well as weekends. We were able to find a place that worked for me and Garrett made the business aspect quick and simple. He was even able to be there for inspections without me when I was stuck at work. From here on out, when anyone I know needs help with the home buying process, I’m sending them straight to Garrett.

by Chris

Where do I start! Garrett helped to make our home buying process easy and enjoyable. Weird, right? You always hear horror stories when it comes to buying a home, especially your first home and in the Bay Area. But Garrett made it a breeze from start to finish. He was very easy to get ahold of, and was extremely quick to respond to any messages we sent him. At the beginning of the process, our lender told us how pleased he was he saw we were working with Garrett, and that he would “work tirelessly on our behalf”. This statement could not be more true! I feel he went above and beyond in his work for us and I would recommend working with him for any of your real estate needs. You will not regret working with Garrett, it may be the best decision you could ever make in your home buying search.

by Aundrea

I knew from the moment I starting looking for a home I would choose Garrett Mann. He is a very motivated realtor. Let me tell you he EXCEEDED my expectations. He has a very kind demeanor, knows his stuff when it comes to homes, resale, inspections, etc. I felt so comfortable with Garrett. He was great about making appointments immediately, he always got back to me, and his advice was incredibly useful. He’s great about communication and can answer any questions you have at a moments notice. Even when we had some uncommon, out of ordinary situational requests, he would consult with his team and immediately get back to me with his recommendation. He was diligent about keeping escrow on track all the way with closing on schedule to the very end. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Garrett Mann I absolutely LOVE MY HOME!

by Jann

Garrett was great throughout the entire process and we knew we could trust him when we first met him. We are first time homebuyers and he guided us the entire way and provided his expertise and used his resources to help us. He Has great knowledge of the contra costa area especially Pinole, which is his hometown. As other people have said about Garrett, he really will work tirelessly and endlessly to help you get the house that you want. One great thing about Garrett is that he really does want the best for his clients. Garrett answered all of the questions and provided everything we asked for. He was great communicating the whole way and kept us in the loop of what was happening and what would happen next and prepared us so that we were able to get everything done within our guidelines. Finding a good real estate agent can be hard as they all seem like sales people that just want your money but never once did we feel pressured by Garrett to do anything that made us uncomfortable or that he was just trying to earn a commission from us. I will continue to go to Garrett for all of my real estate needs and would recommend him to all my friends and family as well as to anybody who is looking for an agent. Garrett is an amazing agent and we truly found our dream home with his help.

by Gordon

I think Garrett Mann is an excellent realtor, I would recommend Garrett to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. He was always there when we needed him. He is very serious about his job. He is like family. He never lost hope even when I did sometimes. He is a real go getter and always was very professional and I see him going far in this business, actually he has and we are very proud of his success. Security Pacific is very lucky to have such an outstanding man working for them. If it was not for Garrett,I do not think it would have sold in a timely fashion. We feel we were very lucky to have had him as our realtor. We feel he deserves realtor of the year reward. Thank You.

by Michael and Rene

In a word, our experience selling our home with Garrett has been *extraordinary*. There are a ton of great things to say here including, but not limited to, great communication, following up on all actions, a can-do attitude that is second to none, working with us to meet our goals and doing whatever it takes to meet our objectives along the way. What is also impressive, something all realtors should consider doing because they usually don’t, is to be intimately familiar with both the seller and the seller’s home. This may seem obvious, but knowing who is selling and what is being sold in granular detail makes a huge difference. As an example, Garrett demonstrated this impressive quality by being present at all inspections (i.e. sewer, home report, termite, etc). When I say all I mean ALL. And did I mention all of this being done with a smile, accommodating demeanor and nothing too big or too small to pursue? Finally, Garrett’s social media presence and knowledge also makes a very big difference.

by Rob

Garrett is very responsible and a great person to work with.. Got everything done for us within limited period of time.. He has great knowledge in and out and someone you can rely upon completely.. also very easy and quick to reach out to… Most importantly very patient.. thanks Garrett for all your help.. Highly recommend him !!!

by Sarbpreet

Buying your first home is incomparable. During the process you feel every emotion, running the gamut of exceptional highs to blowing lows. It’s not as seamless as you see on TV. It’s honestly a confusingly arduous process, especially when you’re young. Many realtors didn’t take my time seriously because of my age and most of the time they didn’t have the time to pick up the phone. I know I would have quit my journey if I had not called Garrett. He did more for me in one call than a couple of realtors had done for me in a month. As a busy millennial, I was grateful that I could just communicate in whatever way was easiest for me whether that be text, call, or email. Garrett rose above and beyond in every step of the process from showings to…well he’s still there for us even after the purchase of the home, for this we are immeasurably grateful. He understands the nuances of what it means to buy a home and more importantly what that means for you. This is a moment that will forever be engraved in your memory, so let yourself make the most of it by calling Garrett.

by Amelia

Great experience! He was very responsive and could get ahold of him at any time. He truly cares about making sure you get into a place you feel comfortable calling your home. Garrett was extremely professional in all aspects. You can’t go wrong with Garrett.

by Josh

My boyfriend and I were first-time home buyers and Garrett was absolutely wonderful throughout the entirety of the buying process. He was extremely responsive and friendly, and knew far more than we ever hoped to about the process of buying a home. He genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients, and we felt very comfortable having him on our side. Garrett definitely exceeded our expectations and I would recommend his services in a heartbeat.

by Taylor and Devin

It’s been a true privilege getting to work with Garrett. I have known him for over a year now and am constantly in awe with his never wavering positive attitude. He has never everrr shown up with anything less than that. since day one he has gone above and beyond to help us understand the ins and outs of real estate. He’s been extremely generous with sharing his knowledge.. which is more than appreciated!! Garrett just sold a home for us and couldn’t have done the job any better. He didn’t just schedule all of our inspections, but also made sure to be present for each and every one. I headed over to the house one morning to do a little bit of cleaning from the work we had done on our chimney,, I show up before 8 am and Garrett was already there with his cute little vacuum finishing up the last little bit of mess. No one asked him to clean,, he just knew it had to be done and took it upon himself. That’s a perfect reflection of the kind of service we received from Garrett through out the entire process of selling. If we had any feedback to give.. we would just say to remember to take time for yourself every now and then! It’s more than obvious that Garrett loves what he does. We are absolutely pleased AND impressed in every way. Garrett was able to get us $31k over our asking price at the same time as making the entire process extremely smooth and easy. We so soooo look forward to doing a lot more work with Garrett in the coming days. And to Garrett himself: you’re amazing and seriously just thank you for everything!!

by The Currington Girls

So the sell of my house at 26 Beverly drive was not a easy one it was a house like no other one really it was going to take a special person to buy it. Garrett from the time I sighed the paper work was we will get this sold. We found a buyer that was willing to do all the work that it needed well needless to say we had some ups and downs with everything and I tell you what I wanted to back out and just give up as I was buying out of state but Garrett being the great person at his job calmly talked me away from doing that as we went so far not to back out. He said it would all be ok I had to do a rent back for a couple of days where I did not know about that but he again calmed me down saying this happens all the time. It’s very stressful selling a house especially selling when you’re moving out of state Garrett made this process very nice and professional I really wish he was able to also be my agent where I bought my new house at. If you need to sell or buy I would 100% recommend going with Garrett he will work really hard for you I guarantee that even if it is at 10 o’clock at night 11 o’clock at night or even 12 o’clock at night he will answer your questions weekends also he will go above and beyond for you. I won’t tell everything that he will go above and beyond for you but let’s just say he made this experience very nice. I would not change anything that happened.

by Michael

Garrett was a pleasure to work with. I was looking for a home for my parents, and saw several with different agents. Once I met Garrett, I knew I wanted to work with him. Throughout the process, Garrett was patient, helpful, and accommodating. I lost count of how many houses he took us to see, but he never pressured us or pushed us to make an offer. He's knowledgeable, and goes the extra yard to make sure we're content at every step. We closed today, and I can honestly say working with Garrett was a pleasure. Call him for all your real estate needs!

by Hamza

Garrett was great! He quickly caught on to the type of home we were looking for and did not waste our time with homes that were either over budget of under our standards. Garrett was able to answer, find the answer, or point is to the right person with the answer for every question we had during the whole process. I really felt he had our best interests in mind and never felt uninvolved in it clueless during process. Highly recommend.

by Michelle and Charles

I’ve worked with many realtors and can honestly say Garrett is someone you can truly trust as a first time buyer or seller. He never stops working! He kept me updated throughout the process and was ALWAYS available. He knows the market and will make sure you get the best price for your house. I would recommend Garrett to anybody.

by Deborah

Garrett is a rockstar! He is a very hardworking man. He will fight for you in your real estate transaction. He takes care of his clients and above all is quick to respond to your texts and calls. I am looking forward to working with him in the future.

by Jad

Garrett was a wonderful realtor for us. He is very patient, thorough, and knowledgeable. I loved that I could text or email him a question and he would return the answer within the hour and sometimes immediately. I think he went out of his way to explain things and to be accommodating. I would recommend him if you want a good and reliable realtor.

by Nancy and Susan

Garrett was a pleasure to have as our real estate agent. Garrett never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. Garrett worked hard to be on top of things to get us our dream home. He went over every single detail with us regarding our purchase process. We most definitely will suggest Garrett to anyone we know who is selling or wanting to purchase a home, Garrett is an expert in his field and we were lucky to have him as a Realtor.

by Hardeep

When we first met Garrett at an open house, he impressed us with his thorough knowledge of home construction, the market trend, and the local market. He was extremely accommodating to our hectic schedule and was able to show us houses at last minute notices. Each time after we viewed a new property that fits our criteria, even if we didn't even place an offer, he would methodically and patiently follow up and let us know the sold price for our reference. In short, he was always on our side working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Garrett was that he was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs than he was on closing a deal. We would recommend him to anyone.

by Michelle

As a first time home buyer I was super excited to finally own a home, but I was also extremely nervous. There was plenty to learn and much to experience, my husband and I had so many questions. We knew that we wanted an agent who was knowledgeable, but also flexible and prompt. Garrett was referred to us by a close friend, but I was also doing research on other agents in the area. The night I texted Garrett, I asked him if we could meet at a home we were interested in. Garrett replied instantly and was flexible to meet and see the home as soon as the following day. Garrett came prepared with plenty of information to share with first timers like us. He thoroughly explained the home buying process, and reassured us of his availability to answer any questions, even the ones we were sure to ask more than once. We decided to keep Garrett as our agent, and before we knew it we were seeing home after home. Garrett always gave us the complete scoop on a home and went above and beyond to answer any questions. Before we knew it, we were putting in an offer. The process was all new to us, but Garrett was always there to explain things in a simple easy way. We did not get this home, so our search continued. Not long after, the home of our dreams was now up for grabs. Unfortunately at this time, Garrett was also dealing with a family death. However, he decided he wanted to continue helping us. I felt a bit worried that he may be distracted and may be busy caring for his family. However, Garrett was not at all distant and took care of the situation very professionally without any flaws. I appreciate Garrett's enthusiasm and desire to help home buyers on their search. I not once felt like I couldn't connect with him, and had all my questions answered without feeling rushed or confused. My husband and I will not hesitate to refer Garrett to friends and family.

by Alma
Security Pacific Real Estate - Garrett Mann Home Sales
Garrett Mann
3223 Blume Drive
Richmond, CA 94806
DRE# 02019705

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